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TLC Health

How to Improve YOUR Anti-Oxidant Score

We’ve always known what our Mom said was true – that lots of fruits and veggies every day

are important for our health. So the logical way to improve your score is to improve the

foods you eat. Unfortunately, with today’s hectic lifestyles and poor diets it is nearly impossible

to get the antioxidants we need from merely the foods we eat.

Therefore, most of us need to take supplements.

Fortunately with technology these days, we are able to measure your anti-oxidant level.

An Antioxidant Score is an effective marker for indicating overall antioxidant health,

as measured by carotenoid antioxidant levels in the skin.

A 90-second scan can give you the information you need to be motivated to

make important improvements in diet, supplementation and lifestyle.

Where Can YOU Get Your Antioxidant Score?

As a distributor for Nu Skin / Pharmanex, a mature, science-based company with a

reputation for innovation in the anti-aging arena.

What I found after having my scan is that it gave me a REAL incentive,

to be relentless in taking daily supplements.

There’s something in being able to measure that helps you set and meet your goals.

Nu Skin are so confident that your score will go up after taking their supplements for two months

that there is a money-back guarantee.