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TLC Health

Coffee Implants

What is a coffee Implant?

A coffee Implant is special because it does not just detox the colon, but the liver too! The colon and the liver are connected. The specially prepared organic coffee is retained in the colon for 10 minutes after the colon is cleansed.

How does it work to detox?

Scientific research shows that two forms of palmitic acid contained in coffee (cafestol palmitate and kahweol palmitate) activate glutathione s-transferase. This enzyme is one of THE most powerful body detoxifiers. In addition, theophylline and theobromine dilate blood vessels, promote the colon to eliminate and counters inflammation of the gut.

There is a special circulatory system between the colon and the liver which enables toxins to be sent directly to the liver for detoxification, rather than circulating them through the rest of the body and all of its vital organs including the brain.

When a coffee Implant is used, the caffeine is absorbed into this system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxicant. This causes the liver to produce more bile which moves out toward the small intestine for elimination. This frees up the liver to process more incoming toxic materials that have accumulated in the organs, tissues and bloodstream.

In other words, a coffee Implant speeds up the detoxification process and minimizes the backlog of yet to be detoxified substances.

What about bile?

  • Coffee Implants prevent the reabsorption the toxins contained in expelled bile.
  • The body recycles bile up to 10 times.
  • Bile carries toxins out of the liver through the gallbladder. Because bile is reused, a large portion of the toxins tends to be reabsorbed along with the bile.
  • (bile flow stimulating) herbs can help increase bile flow and benefit fat digestion. HOWEVER, they do NOT keep bile, bile salts, and toxins carried in the bile from re-toxifying your body.
  • Just stimulating bile flow with herbs will not quickly detoxify the body. But a coffee Implant WILL!
  • Coffee Implant activates and intensifies certain enzyme systems that ensure that around 98% of toxins in released bile will be safely carried out of your body!
  • It does not allow the liver to reabsorb toxic bile through the permeable walls of the gut. Therefore, it is the most effective means of utilizing natural enzyme systems of the liver and small intestine to detoxify the blood stream.