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TLC Health

Crystal Energy

Is a catalytic liquid which, when added to other liquids, enhances their solvency power by altering their molecular structure. Assimilation of nutrients and vitamins from our foods is largely dependent on our body's ability to wet and process nutrients in the digestive system. Crystal Energy concentrated drops can help you get the most from your food and vitamin supplements.

Crystal Energy® contains the active ingredient Microcluster® silica, a mineral known to positively affect the "zeta potential" of blood cells. Zeta potential (x) is the electric potential, or charge, that exists in a hydrated particle and the surrounding solution. Zeta potential is an important and useful indicator that this charge can be used to predict and control the stability of colloidal suspensions. The greater the zeta potential, the more likely the suspension will be stable because the charged particles repel one another and thus overcome the natural tendency to aggregate. Zeta potential is an electrical charge that describes how far apart cells are. Greater zeta potential indicates more space between cells.

Increased zeta potential has many positive health benefits. More zeta potential means more surface area for cells. Toxins, viral matter, fungi, and bacteria trapped between cells can be expunged more readily. More importantly, water enters cells more easily. Water is arguably the most vital component of anti-aging, life extension, and the removal of free radicals and waste.

The process works by tiny spheres made of silica that literally encapsulate the toxic metals that are present in most tap water. Once enclosed, these toxins are rendered harmless and then your body can naturally dispose of them. The disposal process is made even easier because water with the Flanagan Microcluster® hydrates semi-permeable membranes (i.e. your cells) 6 times faster than regular bottled and tap water without it.

It was the study of special colloidal minerals and ions that led to the development of Crystal Energy. Flanagan Microcluster® minerals found in Crystal Energy alter the structure of drinking water to reduce the surface tension. This in turn allows the body to absorb the water faster and more efficiently.

The resulting Crystal Energized water has been measured at 80,000 vitality using radionic equipment. Typical values are 300 to 700. This water contains Flanagan Microclusters, which are tiny clusters of atoms that make up a distinct spherical molecule or particle of matter. These spheres are unique mineral catalysts that project powerful energy fields. They are so small that one drop of Crystal Energy contains over 100 million of these nan colloidal spheres.

Use Crystal Energy concentrate in all your drinking water. You can also use it in other beverages, especially juice and tea. It can be used: to maintain the freshness of cut flowers, to rinse vegetables and fruits, to cut cooking time of many foods, to mist house plants, to catalyse your bath or spa water and to wet your toothbrush or add to your favourite mouthwash ... the uses are unlimited!

Use 10 drops per 250ml of water.