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TLC Health

ACHSA is a member of the Complimentary Healthcare Council of Australia (CHC), which supports ACHSA in building effective relationships between the colon therapy sector of the healthcare industry, various government bodies and the media, to bring about the best possible outcomes in relation to industry standards and the consumer.

ACHSA is about setting and regulating standards within the colon therapy sector of the health care industry. As a consumer you have a right to know that your Colon Therapist is being regulated. We regulate and monitor our members with regard to standards by which they have been trained, the standards of their equipment, and standards to which they practice within their clinic.

All members follow a code of professional and practice ethics set by ACHSA.

There are various methods and types of equipment the colon therapist may use, and not all equipment being used by colon therapists in Australia, has approval by a government monitoring body. Equipment used by ACHSA members must have approval by at least the FDA, CE and the TGA.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the part of the Australian Government

Department of Health and Ageing, and it's role is to ensure that healthcare products available in Australia are of an acceptable standard.

We are playing an important and major role in making the TGA aware of the various colon therapy equipment being used in Australia, so that the consumer can be reassured that standards are being met.