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TLC Health


ASEA is a NEW cutting edge technology that goes way beyond nutrition and ingredients. In fact, this new category of science has already been awarded a

Nobel Prize that paved the way for worldwide advancements in understanding the healing process our cells utilize to keep us well.

We are aging and are exposed to as many toxins, radiation, EMF’s and stress in the

first 15 minutes of our day as our were their entire lifetime.

Make no mistake about it, your body is in a constant state of trying to heal itself,

and no matter how many options we search for, we seem to be losing the battle.

We live and die at the cellular level. If your cells aren’t healthy you’re not healthy.

The discovery of “redox signaling molecules” that play a critical role in protecting our cells from damage as well as communicating the vital messages for health and healing throughout our entire body is available in a stabilised form in ASEA products.

Inter-cellular redox signaling is vital to all life on our planet. Additional science says that redox signaling molecules are integral to immune system function and cellular healing. What science is telling us is that redox signaling molecules are essential to life as we know it, and without these amazing molecules, we would die almost instantly.

With a proper supply of redox signaling molecules cellular healing is enabled; damaged, dysfunctional cells start fading away while healthy, vibrant cells start taking over.

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